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Sample Text

    Imagine, if you can, the possibilities which present themselves here:  A newsletter in small magazine format with all the wonderful tidbits of advice on a living education.  Imagine if you can how hard it is to fill up this space quickly with some info so that I can e-mail this to all of you quickly.  Imagine how I am surely running out of words and how my poor typing skills are hindering this.
Now (this is a stretch) imagine this on a semi glossy cover of a little magazine packed with ideas.  Imagine holding it in your hands, and examining the look.  How would you change it?  What colors would you use?  Would you change the font size of typeface?  Would you prefer a different logo or picture?
    And of course, imagine the nitty-gritty.  How many pages shall it be, and what shall it include?  How often will it be published?  Who will write what?  How will we determine the subjects?  How much will it cost?  Can we pull articles from other sources (like Parent's Review did)?
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