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Real Learning by Elizabeth Foss!


A Charlotte Mason Companion
by Karen Andreola

(Review by Cindy Kelly)

 This is the first one I would recommend getting.  She wrote a wonderful, large book which takes CM's writings and applies them chapter by chapter into daily life.  Karen is a very gentle person and very thorough- and her book can be a bit intimidating, only in how wonderfully patient and graceful she is!  Please don't let that dissuade I wouldn't *not* have it on my shelf!  She has chapters on narration, nature study, Shakespeare, discipline, and many many others.  Again, I find it great to pick up and read the chapter on whatever my current struggle (challenge!) is of the day.  This is a beautiful book, which I have heard many CM moms say they take with them to their bubble bath to read and savor.  I never read in the tub, myself as I always seem to get the book wet!!  :D  

Educating the WholeHearted Child
by Clay and Sally Clarkson

(Review by Elizabeth Foss) 

A practical application of CM. However, it is not strictly CM. Rather, Sally and Clay Clarkson have taken CM principles and applied them to the vision of education they have for families in modern America. The book gives you the nuts and bolts of how to implement a "whole books" education. The authors explain why textbook teaching is not desirable, while whole books learning is more effective, more relaxed and more fun. Then they go on to give practical advice on HOW to get it done. They discuss learning styles and lifestyles. There is a strong emphasis on discerning what God created your child to do. The Clarksons also suggest adapting any philosophy you use (CM or not) to your own family's particular needs. This sounds elementary but many families take a long time to figure it out and trying to fit your family's peg into any other hole is the short road to burnout. There is even household organization advice. It is practical and realistic instead of idealistic get-all-your-ducks-in-a-row-and-be-the perfect-mom advice.

For the Children's Sake
by Susan Schaeffer MacAulay

(Review by Lynn H)

 The book that changed my life.
I began homeschooling our children in 1985 using a workbook program. I read a review of this book in Mary Pride's Big Book, and borrowed it through InterLibrary Loan. Now I have my own copy! This book is a short introduction to home education philosophy as well as practice. Charlotte Mason included in the Preface of each of her 6 volume set called "Home Education", 18 Principles as a synopsis. If you are following these 18, you may be said to be a Charlotte Mason person. All 18 are explained in this book, in a short and easy to read format. I recommend this book to anyone considering homeschooling, or who is tired of the way they are learning and living now. CM is a Christian literature-based educational philosophy. It is a Discipline, an Atmosphere, a Life - and this book can show you how to get there.

The Original Homeschooling Series
by Charlotte M. Mason

(Review by Cindy Kelly)

 These are great and straight from the horse's mouth, so to say! She wrote them in the late 1800's and Karen Andreola (a modern student of hers) had them published for HS'ers use and has written a nice intro in the books so you can get a context of where CM was coming from and the times in which she lived. At first I had a really hard time reading her books- the language is somewhat antiquated.  Soon I looked at it kind of like when I do a crossword know how you have to get a certain mindset because the clues are written in a way that  you have to think differently?  (does that make sense?) When I got my mind in a kind of 19th century mode, it became more enjoyable! Also, when I read her writings I would look up certain topics.  When I really decided to delve into nature studies, I would read pieces from all study guides and Charlotte's writings as well, and I connected very well to what she had to say.

Charlotte Mason Study Guide
by Penny Gardner

(Review by Cindy Kelly)

 A nice guide that can be used individually or as a study program.  She has her book divided into study topics such as:  "Study Topic #3 Child Rearing and Discipline" and "Study Topic # 4: Habits and Character"  She has done a wonderful job of drawing from CM's original writings and quoting them at length on each subject.  She also organizes CM's main themes very well.  This is a very good book to allow you to read CM's writings, but without making you go through the original volumes yourself.  Eventually it is nice to read through the volumes, because we all can pick up useful ideas that apply to ourselves!

A Charlotte Mason Education: A How to Manual 
by Catherine Levison

(Review by Cindy Kelly)

 A short and to the point handbook on how to practically apply CM to your HS.  Each chapter is only 2 to 4 pages long and this book was wonderful when I wanted to stop reading all about it and just START!  Some of her chapter titles include:  Literature, Poetry, Composition, Handwriting, Spelling, Foreign Language, etc. Very good resource.

Teaching Children: A Curriculum Guide to What Children Need to Know at Each Level through Sixth Grade
by Diane Lopez

(Synopsis from the publisher)

  An excellent educational approach which naturally integrates a Christian world view and Scriptural principles, Teaching Children draws on noted English educator Charlotte Mason and the Child-Light approach to learning. Child-Light puts children in touch with fine literature and teaches them through the use of "living books." Diane Lopez presents an educational approach which naturally integrates Christian worldview with scriptural principles, applying literary, written, and verbal approaches to learning concepts and content.

coverSimply Grammar: An Illustrated Primer
by Karen Andreola


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