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Transitions:  A Comprehensive Resource List



In Conversation with God (Fernandez)

A Philadelphia Catholic in King James’ Court (Kennedy)

Catholic Christianity (Kreeft)

Mere Christianity (Lewis)

We’re On a Mission From God (Bonacci)

Rome Sweet Home (Bonacci)

Surprised By Truth (Madrid)

Surprised By Truth II (Madrid)

Welcome Home (Claveau)

Your Questions: God’s Answers (Kreeft)

This IS My Body (Shea)

By What Authority? (Shea)

The Screwtape Letters (Lewis)



Christ the King Lord of History (Carroll)



Out of the Silent Planet (Lewis)

Perelandra (Lewis)

This Hideous Strength (Lewis)

Wise Woman and Other Stories (MacDonald)

The Best of Father Brown (Chesterton)

Huckleberry Finn (Twain)

Bard Of Avon (Stanley and Vennema)

William Shakespeare and the Globe (Aliki)

Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare)

Brush Up Your Shakespeare! (Macrone)

The Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare)

Captains Courageous (Kipling)

The Hobbit (Tolkein)

The Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkein)

The Two Towers (Tolkein)

Real Love (Bonacci)

Witness To Hope (Wiegel)

Return of the King (Tolkein)

To School Through The Fields:  An Irish Country Childhood (Taylor)

The Best of Beston (Coatsworth)




Robert Louis Stevenson: Poetry for Young People (Schoonmaker Bolin, ed.)

Edna Saint Vincent Millay: Poetry for Young People (Schoonmaker Bolin, ed.)

Emily Dickinson: Poetry for Young People (Schoonmaker Bolin, ed.)

William Shakespeare: Poetry for Young People (Kastan, ed.)

Carl Sandburg: Poetry for Young People (Bolin, ed.)

Walt Whitman: Poetry for Young People (Levin, ed.)

Robert Frost: Poetry for Young People (Bolin, ed.)


Writing and Grammar

IEW Structure and Style (available from the Institute for Excellence in Writing

Writer’s Inc.

The Stewart English Program I (Educator’s Publishing Service)


Critical Thinking and Test Prep

Vocabulary From Classical Roots A (Educator’s Publishing Service)

Vocabulary From Classical Roots B (Educator’s Publishing Service)

Critical Thinking Book One (Critical Thinking Press)


Current Events

Arlington Catholic Herald (

Envoy (


Science and Nature Study

National Geographic (DK Limited)

Eyewitness: Astronomy (DK Limited)

Eyewitness: Electricity (DK Limited)

Eyewitness: Human Body (DK Limited)

Brother Astronomer:  Adventures of a Vatican Scientist (Brother Guy Consolmagno)

Star Talker Astronomy Program (Riehle)

One Small Square: Night Sky (Silver)

Keeping a Nature Journal (Leslie and Roth)

Developing Critical Thinking Through Science (Critical Thinking Press)

Lyrical Life Science, Volumes 1, 2, &3 (

The Fairy-Land of Science (Buckley)



math-a-day (Pappas)

Elementary Algebra (Jacobs)



The Barefoot Book of Stories from the Opera (Husain)


Art History

Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting (Beckett)






The Great Adventure (Cavins)

Salvation History (Hahn)

The Profound Effects of Music on Life (Pudewa) (Institute for Excellence in Writing))

Anne W. Carroll: Hernan Cortes

Anne W. Carroll: The Crusades – Deus Vult

Anne W. Carroll: The Inquisition and the Quest for Justice

Anne W. Carroll: The Protestant Revolt: King Henry VIII

Anne W. Carroll: The French Revolution

Anne W. Carroll: The Spanish Civil War



My Favorite Opera for Children (Pavarotti)

Music Masters Series

Mr. Bach Comes to Call (Classical Kids)

Hallelujah Handel (Classical Kids)

Song of the Unicorn (Classical Kids)

Jazz for Kids (

Beethoven Lives Upstairs (Classical Kids)



The Merchant of Venice

Romeo and Juliet

Wynton on Form: Listening for Clues (Wynton Marsalis)

Wynton of Rhythm: Why Toes Tap? (Wynton Marsalis)

Young Peoples Concerts: What Does Music Mean?  (Leonard Bernstein)

Young Peoples Concerts: What Is Classical Music?  (Leonard Bernstein)

Young Peoples Concerts: What Makes Music Symphonic?  (Leonard Bernstein)