I'm Annika!  I am nine years old, and I play the violin.

I wish I had a horse!

I am going to play softball, too.

I love to camp.

I like dolls.  My sister and I collect small statues.

I like to play games, and my favorite game is "running bases."  I like to play tag.

I like Star Trek.  My favorite character is Dr. Beverly Crusher.

I like to travel.  I went to California with my dad!


I love my dogs.

I love my friends' cats.

The cats' names are Willie and Duffy.

My dogs' names are Indy and Riley.

The cats are fun to play with.

Indy likes to play ball.

Riley doesn't like to play ball.

Riley is fat. (He's the one on the right) 



                                  I like to hike, too!  Here I am (front) with my brothers and sister and the Foss kids!