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For outdoor activities year round, try these shelves full of ideas and books:

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Children's Fantasy

High School Science


Field Guides

Peterson's Field Guides are my favorite. They always have clear drawings and hints for easy identification.

The birds:

The Water:


The Arthropods:


Field and Forest:




Earth and Space:





Handbook of Nature Study
 Here's a book that everyone studying nature should own. Comstock's book is a goldmine of information about nature. It is easily adaptable for any grade level.

How about some great natural history narrations? Some of the greatest (and less known, too) naturalists were great writers and illustrators. Here are some of their works:


Getting Out There

Need to know where to go? Try these handy guides to the best hiking with children in your area:


If you are feeling very brave, or you're just curious about the possibilities, try Adventuring with Children The author relates her experiences while taking her twin boys around the world. Inspiring!







Want more camping suggestions?  Need equipment?  Click here!

How About Orienteering?

Get to know how to use a map and compass with this book. Orienteering is fun and educational...and it has real-world applications!  And a compass makes a great stocking stuffer, party favor or gift for any time of year.



Holling C. Holling's Books

From the Mississippi to the sea, and across the great lakes, Holling's books will take you on a continental adventure. With maps, wonderful text, and some of the best illustrations of any children's books, these are a must-have for any homeschool collection.  Paddle-to-the-Sea is now available on audio CD!



The Charlotte Mason Method

Charlotte Mason wrote six volumes on educating children. I highly recommend that you read the original. Real Learning is a beautiful melding of Catholic family life and Charlotte Mason's methods.

Tired of Twaddle on TV?

Enhance your Science Curriculum National Geographic Video!



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