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Kitty Hawk

Thanks for the review, Pattie!

We stayed at Adventurebound campground on Kitty
Hawk Dr. It was really nice. The Hostel was a bit run down...but it was a hostel! :0) The campground was great. We got there Friday night, set up camp and played Jr. Trivia until LATE. The boys loved it. We woke up Sat morning and went to Kitty Hawk beach. There was no swimming, but you could play in the waves right near shore--which is all my guys do ANYWAY! LOL We went back to camp and ate lunch & then headed to the Wright Brothers Memorial and
museum. The boys (including hubby) LOVED it. So did I. They have added quite a bit of stuff since last year was the 100th anniversary. Quite amazing!!!

GREAT bookstore!

After leaving there we headed to see some lighthouses. We did not make it to Cape Hatteras, but we did get to see the Bodie Island Lighthouse. They have a book store there, too! So I got a SMALL magazine type book on the North Carolina Coast lighthouses.

We then went to the beach across the way from the Bodie lighthouse......The boys had a BLAST. We made it to camp right at dusk and cooked hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. The boys were so exhausted they went to sleep as soon as their heads hit the sleeping bags! We got up Sunday and did not make it in
time to go to the 9am Mass.... they have Holy Redeemer church (I think that
was the church) right up the road..... we had stopped to get Mass times...but
lost track of time Sunday morning..... we packed up camp and then headed to a
neat Coffee shop called the Front Porch. I got a nice Iced Chai Latte and we
went to Nags Head Beach and played at the beach some more. The boys had a
blast here, too. We ate lunch at a picnic table before heading home...stopped
at a State Park for dinner and played a bit at the playground before finishing
the drive home. It was a great trip!

The Wright Brothers Memorial is a GREAT deal... children 16 and under are
FREE...adults are only $3. AND your ticket is good for 7 days! Not too

The weather was perfect as [hurricane] Jeanne had not yet God was awesome in his timing! I'd love to go back and spend more time in the Outer Banks. I hope
some of you have a chance to check this is such a wonderful
area...and there is a Jockey State Park folks told us about that is supposed to
be WONDERFUL.... the boys wanted to do the beach again, so we did that instead of
checking out the State park. If we had more time I would have loved to see all
of the lighthouses, too.

Just pondering on how the Wright Brothers managed the first flight was
awesome and then watching the waves crash to shore and the boys playing...I
thought about how wonderful God is........