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MacBeth's Opinion Presents:

Field Treks

(Under construction...!  Check back soon for more!)

...or how to provide your family with an inexpensive field study program that will build memories for a lifetime of Real Learning.  As a homeschooling mom and outdoor educator, I often hear people complain that homeschoolers never get to go on field trips like schools do.  The truth is, we, as homeschoolers, have opportunities to take the greatest field trips with our own families.  The advantages are many. 


Read our TrekOpinions:

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Mystic Seaport
Erie Canal
Baseball Hall
Kitty Hawk



We can:

choose to visit places at odd hours, or off season.

visit more frequently than school trips allow.

go as a family, and thus avoid the "group mentality" that so often ruins field trips.

have complete control over the destination, and the highlights.

change our minds, adding a sightseeing tour.

leave a site early if we need to do so.

offer age-appropriate and skill-appropriate learning.

use the teachable moment to our advantage every day!

tailor the costs to fit our own budgets.

choose the method of transportation...or simply walk!

include our extended families on our excursions.

get dirty!

And then, there are the advantages of field study in the first place. 

Field Treks can:

reinforce science studies.

reinforce history and geography.

provide an outlet for energetic kids (and adults).

connect to books, and bring our reading to life.

spark an interest in a new topic.

give a "different" learner confidence.

challenge your children.