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Howe's Cave, New York

Where we stayed:

KOA Herkimer, in a Kamping Kabin.  Tenting and RVs are welcome.  Kottages have private bathrooms and full kitchens.  Pool, creek, picnic shelter, playground, field, camp store.

We visited:

Howe Caverns!

Derhams explore the cave with guide and anonymous strangers

"Many sink down into Underworld...but few return to the sunlit lands." C. S. Lewis in The Silver Chair


Rest Rooms, gem shop, candy shop, vending machines.  Howe caverns are very commercial, and well paved.  No strollers or back carriers are allowed, and some of the cave is quite narrow.  The tour is 80 minutes long, and includes a short boat ride.  Bring a jacket--it's cool down there!

cavern lobby and gem shop

More cave photos--next time we bring a better camera:

Book links:

Fiction (segments in caves or mines--thrilling!):

For the car ride or an evening listen:

Journey under Narnia and the northern lands in The Silver Chair, including an underground boat ride (CD), or journey through Glew's cave in The Castle of Llyr...will Taran and friends escape? (cassette)

Non-fiction and a video for young and not-so-young:


For fun and safety:

Cyclops Waterproof Headlamp

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